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Neals Yard Holistic Massage.

A Therapeutic Massage using Neals Yard pre-blended oils.

-  Ginger and Juniper

100% organic stimulating blend of ginger, juniper and rosemary in a conditioning sunflower oil base.

This warming and comforting massage is perfect when you are feeling tired physically, mentally and emotionally.

- Women's Balance.

A blend of nurturing rose, uplifting geranium, rejuvenating frankincense and relaxing patchouli 

This harmonising massage will help balance the body and mind. Ideal for hormone changes.

Penarth space.

60 mins -£50  90 mins-£70

Mobile local.

60 mins -£60  90 mins £80

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Almond Tree Flowers

Bespoke Holistic Massage.

Using natural pre-blended essential oils this tailored made treatment alleviates muscle tension, stress and stimulates circulation.

The holistic approach touches the individuals well being, on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Designed to improve the health of the mind, body and spirit.

Penarth space.

60 mins -£50  90 mins -£70

Mobile local.

60 mins -£60. 90 mins -£80


Practiced for 1000's years this powerful yet non- invasive treatment uses a mixture of acupressure, energy work and massage.

It encourages the natural healing process, improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and cleanses the body of toxins.

The treatment will bring balance and a feeling of well being.

Optional leg massage included.

Penarth space.

45 mins - £45

Mobile local.

45 mins -£50

Field of Flowers
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Indian Head Massage

Based on ancient principles of Ayurveda, this treatment is designed to clear mind, loosen the tension in the neck and shoulders. Using natural essential oils, this massage focuses on the acupressure points and will also improve hair and scalp condition.

This treatment can be experience on a massage chair or the massage table. Both of which we can incorporate the back.

We can discuss in the consultation what suits.

Penarth space.

45 mins -£45

Mobile local.

45 mins  -£50

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I stumbled across this patch of flowers next to cacti at a local spot. It’s rare to see ca

Thai Hand, Leg and foot Massage

This treatment use aspects of reflexology, acupressure, shiatsu and traditional massage. Deeply relaxing it helps relieve stress, tension and will improve circulation a feeling of well being.

Penarth space.

45mins - £45

Mobile local.

45 mins  -£50

Reiki Massage

This wonderful massage uses natural essential oils, integration the power of Reiki. Reiki is a system for balancing, healing and harmonising the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

This treatment will be hands on and hands off the body, while working with the individuals needs.

This massage will leave you feeling a deep sense of peace.

'Just for today, do not worry'

Penarth space.

60 mins- £50  90 mins -£70

Mobile local.

60 mins - £60  90 mins -£80

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Image by Foad Roshan

 Hot Stone Massage 

Using smooth flat basalt stones bathed in natural essential oils, this warming, deep, nurturing treatment will ease muscle tension and pain, reduce stress and anxiety and boost circulation.

The warm stones will allow deeper massage stokes, rebalancing and harmonising the energy points in the body.  

This treatment will leave you with a wonderful feeling of serenity.

Penarth space

60 min - £60 or 90 min - £80

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Using warm Himalayan crystal salt stones this rejuvenating treatment will balance the central nervous system and gently exfoliates the body.

Pre-blended natural essential oils will be applied with gentle strokes to the body using hands and the heated stones together.

The stones contain 84 natural minerals that will generate positive health effects, including soothing muscles and joints and help uplift the mind, body and spirit.

Penarth space

60 min - £55 or 90 min - £70

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Traditional Swedish Massage.

This energising treatment will help improve circulation and flexibility, while easing tension in the muscles. Using pre-blended essential oils, the massage will restore the energy flow to the entire body and will leave you feeling relaxed and centred.

Penarth space.

60 mins- £50  90 mins- £70

Mobile local.

60 mins-  £60   90mins- £80

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